Dave Hoffman started Hoffman Talent Agency, now Horizon Talent Agency, in 1972 to use his successful career as a Midwest musician to book regional artists in a market he knew. Success in this market allowed him the opportunity to represent Bobby Vee, Tommy Roe and Dickey Lee and HTA quickly became the agency for any nostalgia show. This market introduced HTA to venues outside the Midwest and created a need to become more familiar with national agencies and markets, how they worked and what it took to be successful in them.

HTA became an active participant in national industry organizations and learned that you have to prove yourself before being afforded the best opportunities to book national talent and nationwide venues. You have to establish a history of successful events and build relationships with agents, convincing them that you know what you’re doing and that you will not damage their relationship with their artist.

This took time but by the late 80’s HTA was established as a reputable national talent buyer. It was ready and eager to represent the Native American Casinos opening all over the country. This was an exciting new market bringing national entertainment and gaming to areas of the country that had rarely had it before. How it would differ from other markets concerned national artist agencies who were threatened by issues like sovereign immunity. These agents were also concerned about what these new venues would know about producing large shows and taking care of their artist. HTA was able to address these concerns and reach mutual agreements, establishing their clients as knowledgeable and valuable purchasers.

That was twenty-five years ago and the beginning of HTA’s commitment to clients requiring one night performances by national artists. Each successful performance strengthens our reliability to national artist agents. This, in turn, allows HTA to secure the best pricing and terms for our clients.

Those who have known us since 1972 will be wondering about The Johnny Holm Band. This regional phenomenon has always been with HTA and is still performing nearly 200 one night performances each year. He was one of the first on Dave Hoffman’s roster and one of few Dave chose to manage. John’s natural talent and Dave’s management skills were a marriage made in heaven and John has always been the exception to the rules at HTA. He is HTA’s only exclusive artist and part of the family.