Jean Hoffman, President, Main Office, 952-541-1600,

Melissa Hoffman, Main Office, 952-541-1600,

Pam Bradford, Agent for The Johnny Holm Band, National and Regional Talent Buyer, 952-470-9855,

Tom Munsey, National Talent Buyer, 701-239-8000,

Jean Hoffman worked with her husband through each step of his creation of a successful agency and has held almost every position in the company, from janitor to president. The significance of the entertainment contract and editing contracts to state the terms of the negotiated agreement is her passion. She takes care of the office for HTA, Johnny Holm Band business affairs, and creates reports the agents need to take care of their clients.

Tom Munsey is our proclaimed king of national artist negotiations. There’s no magic to his skills. He stands firm for his clients in obtaining fair pricing and terms for both parties. He’s been doing this daily for over twenty-five years and has a clear understanding of the issues that will make or break a successful performance and he knows what that event should cost. His clients include casinos, corporate events, fairs, private parties and promoters.

Pam Bradford moved to HTA in 1995 for the opportunity to use her years of experience in the Midwest market to assist John’s manager in keeping The Johnny Holm Band well represented. She took over the booking when we lost John’s manager and does a remarkable job of keeping him busy in new and old markets. She also secures national and regional artists for fairs, festivals, and events and represents HTA at conventions.
We’ve all worked together for so long we can “finish each others’ sentences.” We are willing and able to fill in for each other when needed. What one hasn’t done, another has and we appreciate and use each other’s strengths. We’ve all worked in larger environments and enjoy being the core chosen to pursue HTA business.